Turn Home Equity into Opportunity: No Loans, No Debt

With a Home Equity Investment (HEI), you can get up to $250,000 with no monthly payments to us.

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Access your home’s equity for immediate funds
No extra monthly payments during your contract
Retain control of your home during the contract duration
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HomePace Helps You Get It Done

Tap Into a New Alternative to Loans

Enjoy the benefits of accessing your home's equity without the burden of additional monthly payments. You can focus on what matters most and we'll share in the gains or losses in your home's value when you choose to sell.

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Improve your home
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Pay off your debt
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Buy a new home

Why should you choose HomePace?

We give you a lump sum upfront. Instead of charging you monthly interest, we share in an agreed-upon percentage of the home’s value when you choose to sell the house or buy us out.

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Access value from your home today, not just when you sell

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Avoid additional monthly payments and interest expenses

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Enjoy increased cash flow and greater financial flexibility

Homeowners Love HomePace

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5 star rating

"Great Experience! Easy to Do! Loved It! From beginning to end of the transaction, HomePace was excellent. Everything was transparent and easy to understand. Particular praise must go to Julieta and Maria, who were informative, professional, friendly, and it goes without saying, so very easy to work with from beginning to end. Thanks for such a great experience!"

Cortney B.

5 star rating

“This was a fantastic experience. We initially qualified online and an inspection of our property was set up. After a week or so, we received an offer which we could accept, modify or reject. We accepted the offer and had the funds after signing some documentation through an online notary process. Communication was always good and we were very pleased with the amount offered. This was a lifesaver for us given our financial situation.”

Michael A.

5 star rating

“Thank you Maria and HomePace! She was not only professional, she was always available to answer any and every question we had. Thank you Maria! The HomePace process was quite honestly incredibly easy to understand and was exactly what we needed to meet our financial goals. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend HomePace. Truthfully, we’ve already referred our daughter and her husband! Give them a call.”

Michael P.


How a Home Equity Investment Works

By becoming an investor in your property, we can give you access to funds without you taking on the burden of debt.


Get Cash Now

We provide you upfront access to your equity in exchange for getting to share in the future value of the home—gains. You can use the funds from HomePace’s investment to achieve your goals.


Enjoy Financial Flexibility

Because you’re getting an investment instead of a loan, you won’t owe us a monthly payment, and there’s no interest. You remain in control of your home–we are just a silent partner in the background.1


Shared Future Value

We share your home's future value when you choose to sell or buy us out. Each agreement is personalized for your situation.

1 - Upon execution of the contract, HomePace will record a deed of trust, or equivalent document as required by state law, against the property title. HomePace will be a secondary lienholder until the property is sold or the contract is bought out. Ownership will remain recorded in your name and any other homeowners' names.

Discover How HomePace Can Benefit You

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